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Chapter 4:Suspense! Old and ruin rivals show up!
-Okay, I guess I have to go back to my workshop...or lab, or whatever- Coco said just a couple of minutes after entering the hut again. 
She was a girl that could not hold herself to do nothing. She always had to be active with something.
-Well, it's your choice. And I respect it, but I'd like to suggest you to take this day in consideration...I mean, look around! The sea, the sun, the trees, the sand...all vibrates in harmony because of life, because of today itself. Maybe you can relax a little today- Said the wise woody-faced spirit.
-Yeah, that is such a valid comment. But I like to create stuff, and always have to be busy with something, because I desperate quickly if not. Perhaps I'll chill down after 3 or 4 hours. There is something I have to try today.
Sighing, Aku-Aku said:
-Okay, my child, but take care anyway with whatever you gotta do.
-Got it! Don't worry about it!-She replied, getting up to the door- Come on, Pura!
The hyperactive tiger cub went after her.
They went
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Chapter 5: A new confrontation! Search of power.
After N.Gin and Tiny the Tiger showed up, Aku-Aku and the Bandicoot siblings stood still, in alert for what could happen.
-Why are you here? Weren't you supposed to be Cortex's sidebacks and portable squad of goons?- Coco asked angrily. She hated the fact that, every single day, they faced conspirations to take over the world, or old and rancorous guys wanting to erase them from the face of Earth.
-Where is Cortex?- Aku-Aku asked after Coco relieved a bit from her momentaneous ranting.- You used to go with him. Where is he?
-He's away! Away! He left us behind!
-Uh?-Coco wondered
-Yes! Little boomy-headed freak says true-Tiny growled-Big-head Cortex went after shiny crystals and cared nothing about friends...We are alone now. We need no Cortex to get power!
After a couple of seconds he just said that, he smiled mischievous and pointed with one of his thick, furry-sharped fingers at Coco. Pointing her necklace.
That shard wasn't the only crystal fragment around, but they didn't know that
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Chapter 3: Mystical forces and predictive dreams
Once they arrived to the hut, Coco left Crash take a nap on the rug, near the chimney.
Polar went to make him some company, and Pura, as usual, followed his blonde Bandicoot fellow.
-I can´t be quiet and calm about it...Knowing how Uka-Uka is, he´ll come back soon.
-Well, I´d rather not think about it now.-Coco said-I´d prefer to return to my work at the lab,
-Yes...You might be right...Let us rest for now.
-Wait! I asked you for telling me the whole story, the whole thing. All that of the Energy Flow, the Forces of life and chaos, creation and destruction...the crystals and what happened today against Cortex...What´s going on? I have to know!
He looked at her adoptive child...that stare of serious and decision she had...He had no other option but starting to tell it.
-Okay...Better take a seat! This is going to be such a long tale.
Then Coco crouched and sit on the rug, near the chimney. Pura stood next to her.
In the very beginning of the Universe, hidden
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Chapter 2: Attack on the coast! Retirement.
That was such a traditional battle scene...The same mad scientist and the flying angry fool against the ones which stood on their way. Always on their way if taking the crystals was the goal to achieve.
And it was indeed.
The shining around Crash´s closed fist was going brighter every second. Then, apart of the sand and dust rising around his feet, he was..starting to change.
Coco was looking at all happening...And thinking as fast as she could. A short time ago, Aku-Aku told them a story.
That story was filled with mystical references, something Coco was not a big fan of. But she heard it anyways. Anyways, she was already used to learn from a flying wise wood mask. How was that possible? No idea. Aku-Aku was of trust and she needed to do nothing about it.
It was told that, in the beginnings of the Universe, there was forces of Creation and Destruction. They clashed in fierce duels for milleniums, looking for getting the control of balance and the energy flow. That energy flow
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Chapter One: The beginning.
It was a nice and calm day in the Wumpa Island. The Bandicoot brothers were resting peacefully in their hut.
Coco, the blonde, high-intellected, athletic and attractive bandicoot was checking some stuff in her pink laptop. She was really good for creating and learning things about almost anything. Electronics and informatics were just a couple of her passions...Mechanics was another one. Her furry-striped friend Pura, a tiger cub, went after her to everywhere she decided to go.
On the other side, her elder brother, Crash, was just her opposite; lazy, kind-of dummy and crazy. He was sleeping next to the chimney, with his friend Polar, a polar bear cub.
Meanwhile, in the inner part of the hut, near their bedrooms, Aku-Aku was resting. A wise magical wood mask which guided them through many obstacles put by their main rivals, the mad scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex, and his sidekicks, guided by the cruel-ish and spoiled Uka-Uka, Aku-Aku´s brother. He always tried to screw the Bandicoots s
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DA, at least for me, has become lonely. Some of the pals I met in the pasts have left it behind or just not interested anymore...

I still think this is a community that reunites artists to share and enjoy things around art and own styles, but it seems different...

What do you think? May I be overreacting or do you agreem in some point, with my thought?


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